So much has happened

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So much has happened and not a trace left.


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Sometimes I realize I’m actually a very busy person and I feel proud thinking that I got it all under control, but most of the time I think of myself as a loafer.
Guess will never know which is true coz I cant put someone else in my shoes and observe it, hehe.


New post indeed

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Tammy is just back to the building. Testing, testing.


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wow I just suddenly remembered this place.
Wonder if anybody comes up here any more… not even me..



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some pics of us on Friday night dinning with Mom and Mira at Himalaya’s and my weekend with Mom spent in Gulangyu in Xiamen


more pics

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Since this is so easy…I upload a couple July pics as well:


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So so lazy.
My friends ask me for pics from my trips but I never felt like going through the trouble of uploading again(since I usually upload part of them on FB during the trips either resting or waiting for sth). Yesterday i tried Weibo (I call it Chinese twitter) template and found it very quick.
I am going to paste a few ones from there.

On the land tour of the second day I accidentally got bitten (well accidentally by me but intentionally by the SOB) by a fire ant resulting a break-out of hives all over my body later. It’sunder control now but I am still taking medicine. Everything tastes bitter now!


Dinner at Tavern in ZJNT

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pics from about a fortnight ago
hihihih, fortnight, so british..
too lazy, now even too lazy to bring my own camera. Most pics are taken and posted by my friends on Facebook…

3 girls of a night, quiet and cozy.


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Pretty bored, looking forward to antoher weekend.
Although, it’s pretty much a weekend with “skedules”…
I like to just lay on the sofa without a plan.

my office look:)


Some pics from 2011 Golden Crown Bellydance Fes

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For Linda, to many pics, too lazy.

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